Teachers 2017

Sachi Watase, Tra Vinh University

My name is Sachi Watase, and I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I recently graduated from Pitzer College, in Southern California, with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Mathematics. I have a strong passion for exploring cultural exchange and identity. With a Japanese father and Swiss mother, I was raised to practice cross-cultural exchange, and I have always been excited to learn new languages. During my sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in Nepal on a cultural immersion program, which ultimately inspired my desire to return to Asia. I hope that my experience in Tra Vinh is the beginning of a lifelong career in education.

Madeleine Oaks, Can Tho University

My name is Madeleine Oaks and I am a native to Mercer Island, WA. Over the past 11 years of living in the PNW, I have fostered a sense of love and appreciation for the outdoors. Some of my favorite pastimes include skiing, hiking, boating, and enjoying time with family and friends. I am a recent graduate of Gonzaga University, where I studied Finance and Public Relations. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and I have an immense passion for travel. I feel refreshed anytime I get the opportunity to experience different cultures from around the world. My passion for travel is the main reason that I applied to the Teachers For Vietnam program. I am very grateful that this program has come into my life because everyday I learn something new about myself and my new environment. I have fallen in love with life in Vietnam and look forward to the year ahead!

Julia Davis, Can Tho University

My name is Julia and I am from Mercer Island, Washington, a mid-sized island just outside of Seattle. I graduated last spring from Whittier College in Los Angeles with a degree in political science and religious studies, focused on the intersection between Asian religions and political systems. I became interested in living in Asia after traveling to Myanmar and China to conduct research with the religious studies department of Whittier College during my freshman, sophomore, and senior years, and am so happy that I did! So far, my favorite aspects of living in Can Tho have been experiencing the warmth and kindness of the local people, constantly trying new foods, and teaching! My students are always eager to show me around and grab coffee or see a movie, and they have really made Can Tho feel like home. The biggest challenges so far have been adjusting to the heat and humidity, learning to navigate the bustling streets on my motorbike in torrential rain, and constantly finding new critters in my shoes and shower! All part of the experience!

Tyler Quatraro, An Giang University

Tyler Quatraro is a graduate of the University of Oregon, with a degree in Business Finance. He is teaching at An Giang University in Long Xuyen. He hopes to uncover how different lifestyles can impact beliefs, morals, and purpose. He’s excited to explore how people outside of America find happiness around them. He makes music and is hoping to find inspiration and sounds abroad. To spend time in a place where every ally and shop can spur the Adventurer’s Spirit is an absolute privilege.

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