Teachers 2014

Nick Schcolnik talks about teaching English at An Giang University

Nick Schcolnik had no idea he would become a local celebrity when he arrived in Long Xuyen in November. All he had signed up for was to teach classes in oral communication at An Giang University. But word soon got around that there was a new foreign teacher in town, and before long the invitations started to roll in – from local schools and other organizations all eager to have him come speak. Even with a population of nearly 400,000, Long Xuyen remains a provincial capital, and residents have little contact with Westerners.   So, not only did Nick, a 2014 graduate of Amherst, give a lot of speeches when he wasn’t at the university, he also found himself giving impromptu English lessons to people he met when going to buy fruit at the market. He also started teaching young children at a private language institute in the evenings. Nick also managed to squeeze in yoga classes, dip his toes in the South China Sea one weekend, sample some strange dishes, and show students how to high jump. A pretty eventful six months, one can truly.


Children playing game of “Knees and Toes,” in evening class taught by Nick Schcolnik, in Long Xuyen