Teachers 2008

Shannon Corrigan, who comes from Hicksville, NY, graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2008 with a degree in painting and a desire to see more of the world and find out who she really was. ‘I came to Vietnam to see how people survive when all of the comforts of life are not handed to them. I wanted to become a teacher because I love making people aware of their own potential. My journey in Vietnam in now only starting to begin. I foresee the road becoming more difficult before the end. But I feel my illumination growing. It’s growing from the inside.


Shannon teaching an evening class for professors at Hanoi’s Water Resources University

Samantha-ThornleySamantha Thornley was the 2009 winner of the Nancy O’Keefe Bolick Memorial Scholarship.  In her essay on teaching and living in Vietnam, she wrote: Since I’ve been in Can Tho, I have made relationships with people that I never would have met had we been in America, and I have experienced things people only dream about. Being here has opened doors for me I did not even know were closed. I’m now considering graduate school in the future as a serious possibility. Not only did I never think this was possible, it never even occurred to me as an option. In running away from having to decide the rest of my life, I ended up finding a path that I did not even know existed.


Samantha Thornley tells more what it’s really been like to teach in the Mekong Delta. Click here to hear her on YouTube.

Happy Halloween! Below Kristen Arbolino and her class at the Water Resources University are getting into the mood.  Kristen, a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, returned to Vietnam in 2008 for a second year of teaching after finishing up at Can Tho University the previous spring.



A visit to an English literature class at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

A visit to an English literature class at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi.