From Iris Nguyen, teacher at An Giang University

As the semester is winding down for most of my students, I like to treat all of my classes to an end of the semester party. This is always a hit with my students because they never have parties in their classes. The students are usually drowning in homework and exams so I like to give them movie days or parties so they can relax and kick off their shoes, literally. I know how stressful school can be, and especially while in college. When I was in school, I always looked forward to the days when we would watch a film or even a video clip. It is a refreshing teaching method because it motivates the students because they know they will be rewarded. Not only are they having fun, but I am also having fun. It is always a win-win situation.

This past week, I had two parties for each of my speaking 4 classes (12TA and 12AV). Before the party, the students told me which genre of film they wanted to watch and then I eventually chose the film to show during the party. I mostly have girls in both of the classes so we went with romantic comedies. It is always a crowd pleaser with a group of girls in their early twenties. I also had my students talk to their classmates to decide what food or drinks to bring to the party so it would be a little more organized. I do not know why I thought that they needed to organize this because these students are always on top of their game and are the most organized people I know. These are the students that whip out their rulers just to connect the dots and to make sure that their handwriting is even. Needless to say, I did not have to do anything to prepare for this party.
For the 12TA speaking 4 class party, the students brought so many snacks and soda. It was not the healthiest breakfast that I have eaten but who can resist food at a party? The girls brought different types of cookies, fried meat, and fruit. We had the class arranged in little groups so each cluster of desks could share a plate of food. For this party, the students chose to watch The Princess Diaries. I think the girls chose this film because of the princess aspect of it, but they absolutely loved it.
For the 12AV speaking 4 class party, the students brought an enormous amount of food. Only 19 students showed up to the party and we had enough food to feed about 30 people. The lavish spread included pasta, egg rolls, fried meat, chips, jello, fruit, and soda. Again, not the healthiest breakfast but it all looked so good that I could not resist. I was able to chose the film for this party and I picked Pitch Perfect, which was perfect because I have a few singers in the class. They actually burst out in song throughout the film which was very entertaining for the class.
Overall, this week has been very fun and gave me an opportunity to show my students the good American school tradition of class parties. Too bad I was not able to order some pizza from Dominos. I kept on wondering what the other students and teachers that walked past my classroom thought about all of this. They were probably wondering what kind of subject I was teaching for the day that involved food and movies. My only answer to them would be the subject of parties.
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