I figure I’m going to get lazy about posting so I might as well post as often as possible while I still have the motivation. I arrived in Can Tho, the city where I will be teaching for the next 9 months, yesterday afternoon. Matt is in house 4 and I am in house 6. I have a French roommate named Marie who is teaching French at Can Tho University and I also have a little cat (see picture above) who roams in and out of my abode. Yesterday was very disorienting and after I ran out of water, I definitely let the heat get the best of me. Amidst my first bout of homesickness and culture shock I wrote a list of tragedies that have occurred thus far:

1. There’s no AC. It’s f$&?!*% hot.

2. We don’t know where/how/when we are supposed to teach. Everything here is very chaotic.

3. There’s no AC. Did I say that already?

4. Matt found a pair of someone else’s underwear in one of his drawers. Don’t worry, he happened to pack a pair of yellow rubber gloves (don’t ask my why).

5. My mosquito net has holes in it. Joy.

6. Lastly, there’s no AC!!!!

Just when I felt like shriveling up and calling it quits, someone knocked on my door. Turns out there is an Australian woman named Brooke conducting research right next door! I swear this girl is my guardian angel because she cheered me right up and took me to get some delicious pho, which, by the way, was only $3. This morning she also knocked on my door and brought me two huge bottles of water and a bag of bananas. Later on in the evening I met Joe, one of the Princeton in Asia boys who are also teaching English at CTU. He let me ride his motor scooter around the block and I’m seriously considering purchasing one (sorry mom and dad).

— Taylor Caldwell

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