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Vung Tau

This past weekend I embarked on my first trip outside of Can Tho. We rolled out of the city at 3 am with a solid crew of 7: two vietnamese friends, 4 PiA fellows, and myself. We thought it would be totally awesome to road trip on our motorbikes and we optimistically...

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Sunday Funday!

Let me start by saying that weekends aren’t really a thing in Vietnam. It is not unusual for teachers to have a full workday on Saturday, and I, myself, have class starting at 7 am (I know, its practically ungodly). Basically, the intense euphoria of “TGIF” that I...

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Journey to Phu Quoc

As I mentioned in my previous post, Matt and I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Phu Quoc island, which is south-west of Can Tho (on a map, it is the big island that looks like it belongs to Cambodia but it doesn’t).

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So… I guess I’m a teacher now?

One thing I have come to know and love about Asia is that everything is chaotic. Everything from street traffic to making dinner plans takes on an air of casualness that I can’t quite put into words.

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Can Tho – First impressions

Yesterday was very disorienting and after I ran out of water, I definitely let the heat get the best of me. Amidst my first bout of homesickness and culture shock I wrote a list of tragedies that have occurred thus far.

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John’s Visit to the Delta

Executive Director: John Dippel recently came back from a ten-day visit to the Delta. He had a great time and took plenty of photos, which he now shares with us all.

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When you’re in a foreign country and blogging about your experiences, there are some events ya just know you’ve got to blog about; events when you think to yourself, “I wish somebody back home could see me right at this moment.” My yoga class today was one of those moments.

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Pictures from 8/28 – 8/30

The floating market is a market on the Mekong River where people sell their produce. Our group bought soup for breakfast from a woman who was selling soup from her boat/dingy.

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Ordering eggs

“Awplet,” I say to the lady standing behind the counter, Lonely Planet Vietnamese phrasebook in hand. “Awwwwp leeet,” I try again, enunciating a word I don’t have the slightest idea how to pronounce.

“No no,” she insists, raising her hands to her head and waving them as the Vietnamese do when saying no.

“No awplet?” Hands waving.

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