From Iris Nguyen, teacher at An Giang University

Two weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to attend a TESOL conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was a large conference and I was able to meet some incredible lecturers, professors, deans, and students. Networking at its best! I was able to pick up some great tips and advice on how to improve my teaching style and motivate my students with different methods. I ended up spending a total of four days in Phnom Penh and was able to soak in the amazing energy of the city through the tourist hotspots, local restaurants, etc.

After Phnom Penh, I spent a half day and night in Battambang. I got into the city late so I only had time for one activity which was riding on the famous bamboo train. It is flat bamboo platform attached with a motor with four little wheels at the bottom that cruises on top of a rigid, old train track. I am pretty confident that the bamboo train was riding at a speed of over 35-mph so it made the experience scary yet so invigorating.

The following morning, I was headed to Siem Reap to venture through Angkor Wat for three days. I bought a three day pass to the park to make sure that I could fit in all the temples. This part of my trip was the most exciting and unforgettable because it is something that you simple cannot describe in a few short sentences. Angkor Wat is one of the places that you have to see to truly understand. There is so much history and beauty to all the temples that it just blows you away. The three days that I spent in Angkor Wat are one of the best memories that I have and will always cherish.

Here are some pictures from my trip: